1994 AFAITC Reunion -- Denver, CO

Carl Fronabarger and Dick Burke organized this May, 1994 reunion in the Denver suburb of Aurora. It was a modest affair, with many people staying in the Fitzimmons Hospital Visiting Officers Quarters. The banquet dinner was at the Black Angus restaurant.

(Standing L-R -- Faye & Vern Nordman, Geoff & Pam Oxlee, Seated L-R -- 5 unknowns, Ernie & Shirley Ertz, unknown)

Vern Nordman recalls that he was enjoying an early moming shower and when he opened the door and the steam set off the fire alarm. Once activated, fire alarms can only be turned off by the fire brigade. So the fire men, muttering all the way, made a sweep through the building. Our big laugh was one fireman with his face half shaved, half lather. He was not amused.

The group over to the Lowry AFB Officers Club for breakfast. Ishy had made Reunion Tour T-shirts, with each reunion date and place ironed on. They are a collector's item now.

(Vern Nordman, Louise Bronicki, Ishy Palma, Shirley Ertz, Faye Nordman, Hank Palma, Ernie Ertz)

Afterwords, the group did a walk around the old school house (The HQ building 349 and AFAITC's buildings 379 and 380).

(Faye & Vern Nordman)


  • Louise Bronicki
  • Dick Burke
  • Ernie & Shirley Ertz
  • Carl Fronabarger
  • Mike & Eltomae Lemma
  • Vern & Faye Nordman
  • Geoff & Pam Oxlee
  • Hank & Ishy Palma
  • Morrie Quick