1996 AFAITC Reunion -- Seattle, WA

Vern and Faye Nordman organized the reunion in Seattle, WA. Attendees stayed at a hotel near the SeaTac airport.

They designed a hat for all the participants to wear.

There was a day trip to the Tillicum Indian village on Blake Island in Puget Sound.

(Al & Marion Stewart, Morrie Quick)

(All unknown)

(Bob & Donna Lyon, 3 unknowns)

(Faye Nordman, Charlotte Black)

The banquet was held at the airport hotel. Rumor has it that there was a video made of each attendee as they arrived and they had to say something. We are still looking for that video.

(Hank Palma, unknown, Mike & Eltomae Lemma)

(Morrie Quick, Vern Nordman, unknown, Jerry Hensel, Geoff & Pam Oxlee, unknown)

(Vern Nordman, unknown, Jerry Hensel)

(Hank Palma, Vern Nordman)

(Ernie & Shirley Ertz)

(Pam Oxlee, Bob & Donna Lyon, Faye & Vern Nordman)

(Faye Nordman)

(Ishy Palma)

(Donna Lyon, Faye Nordman)


  • Charlotte Black
  • Jim Blue
  • Dick & Lois Burke
  • Ernie & Shirley Ertz
  • Don Hanchey
  • Jerry Hensel
  • Harry & Marilyn Ingholt
  • Ike Killingworth
  • Mike & Eltomae Lemma
  • Lloyd Lutzen
  • Bob & Donna Lyon and family
  • Vern & Faye Nordman
  • Geoff & Pam Oxlee
  • Hank & Ishy Palma
  • Morrie Quick
  • Al & Marion Stewart
  • Ron & Barb Talbot