1998 AFAITC Reunion -- Huntingdon, UK

Geoff Oxlee, John Barry, and Mike Mockford organized the first non-US reunion in Huntingdon, England (north of London). Attendees stayed at the Swallow Hotel. Vern Nordman recalls that there was a fire drill there too. A small smoky fire in the kitchen, but they were all outside in their night shirts.

(Faye Nordman, Shirley Ertz, Ishy Palma, Vern Nordman, Ernie Ertz)

(Ernie & Shirley Ertz, Faye Nordman, Ishy Palma, Vern Nordman)

(Ernie & Shirley Ertz, Ishy Palma, Faye & Vern Nordman)

The Brits laid on a tour of the intelligence school at Chicksands and the ladies went to Cambridge. That evening was the infamous Medieval Banquet at Buckden Towers.

(Unknown, Mike Lemma, Barbara Talbot)

(Al & Marion Stewart)

(Vern & Faye Nordman)

(Vern & Faye Nordman)

(Vern Nordman)

(Mike Lemma)

(Hank & Ishy Palma, Vern & Faye Nordman)

(Vern & Faye Nordman, Pam & Geoff Oxlee)

(2 unknowns, Geoff & Pam Oxlee)

On Sunday we did Warwick Castle and Stratford on Avon. We also got to see Cromwell's statue in St. Ives.

(L-R -- Shirley Ertz, Mike Lemma, Ernie Ertz, unknown, Eltomae Lemma, Ron Talbot, Pam Oxlee, Barbara Talbot, 2 unknowns, Gayna & Ken Park, 2 unknowns, Morrie Quick, unknown, Faye Nordman, Hank Palma, Vern Nordman, Ishy Palma, 3 unknowns)

(Faye Nordman, Ernie Ertz, Vern Nordman, Ishy Palma, Shirley Ertz)

(Ishy Palma, Vern Nordman, 4 unknowns)

(Vern & Faye Nordman, Shirley Ertz, Ishy Palma, Ernie Ertz)

(Hank & Ishy Palma)

(Faye & Vern Nordman, Ishy Palma, Shirley & Ernie Ertz)


  • John & Sandra Barry
  • Ernie & Shirley Ertz
  • Mike & Eltomae Lemma
  • Donna Lyon
  • Mike & Shirley Mockford
  • Vern & Faye Nordman
  • Geoff & Pam Oxlee
  • Hank & Ishy Palma
  • Ken & Gayna Park
  • Nigel & Sue Pearson
  • Morrie Quick
  • Al & Marion Stewart
  • Bob & Fran Stuller
  • Ron & Barbara Talbot