2000 AFAITC Reunion -- Vail, CO

In the Millennium Year we visited Vail, Colorado for the AFAITC Reunion.

We stayed at The Chateau At Vail hotel and enjoyed such restaurants as the Alpenrose and the Ore House. There was a German Oktoberfest going on in Vail, so there were Bavarian decorations around the town. For trips, we went to Glenwood Springs saw the grand Hotel Colorado, where we had lunch. We visited a cave that had rock formations that included "bacon" stalagtites. The view from the entrance overlooking Glenwood Springs was great.

Another trip was to Leadville, where we saw hillsides of yellow Aspens and rode the old train up to the old lead mine. Along the way, we stopped in a valley where the 10th Mountain Divisioin trained at Camp Hale.

                                Vail                                     Glenwood Caverns

                    Leadville                                                Banquet


  • Bruce & Myra Ashley
  • John & Sandra Barry
  • Richard & Lois Burke
  • Don & Gigi Cook
  • Jerry & Judith Eggleston
  • Clifford & Jane Eisenach
  • Alan Frick & Penny Everett
  • Carl & Gloria Fugler
  • Richard & Shirley Georgeson
  • Chris & Christine Halsall
  • Don Hanchey
  • Doug & Donna Hole
  • Walter & Manette Lazear
  • Mike & Eltomae Lemma
  • Lloyd & Claudia Lutzen
  • Lenard Mewhinney, Jr.
  • Mike & Shirley Mockford
  • Vern & Faye Nordman
  • Bob & Rita Norris
  • John & Mary Oberg
  • Al & Billie Owen
  • Hank & Ishy Palma
  • Ken & Gayna Park
  • Jimmy & Lidia Shafer
  • Wylie & Charlene Simmons
  • Karl & Judy Starkloff
  • Ron & Barbara Talbot