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   October 2020

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Who Are We?

The Armed Forces Air Intelligence Training Center (AFAITC) alumni reunion group is an ad hoc group of former instructors, administrators, and students of the U.S. and U.K. military photographic interpretation schools. In the U.S. this includes the AFAITC facility at Lowry AFB, Denver, CO. The school was in effect at Lowry from 1963 to 1988, before moving to Goodfellow AFB, San Angelo, TX. In the U.K. it includes the Joint School of Photographic Interpretation (JSPI) at RAF Chicksands (which was recently renamed 'Medmenham Training Wing' in honour of the unit's heritage with RAF Medmenham). The reunion group also includes the Exchange Officers who served at either AFAITC or JSPI.

We welcome all those associated with AFAITC or JSPI to contact us, let us know about contemporaries of yours, and generally help us locate those on the "Lost" list of associates. We maintain a database of those who are "Found" and a timeline of who served at Lowry AFB and when. Links to those topics are shown at the left.

Participation is also welcomed by personnel who served at the USAF Intelligence Training Centers at Sheppard AFB prior to 1963 and Goodfellow AFB post 1988. We also welcome former students of the AFAITC and personnel who have served in the USA or UK and have had a close working relationship with many of their colleagues in the skills taught at the AFAITC and JSPI. Contact us using the Feedback link at the left.

In addition, we have reunions every two years (in even-numbered years). The reunions move around from location to location each time. They are normally hosted by an AFAITC or JSPI associate who lives in that area and who wants to highlight their home territory. We also entertain ideas for future reunions in other areas. Reunions usually attract about 40 people (including spouses). It's great fun to see old colleagues again and make new acquaintances. Links at the left give information about past and upcoming reunions.

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